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Tips for climbers

Arco, climbing & vertical life

Arco, climbing & vertical life

The limestone rock, perfect for climbers with its many handholds; mild climate in winter and breezy weather in summer, which allows you to climb pretty much all the time; a local community committed to maintaining, bolting and continually cleaning the crags. For these reasons, Arco is famous throughout the world as a sport climbing paradise, a destination for the pioneers of this magnificent discipline ever since the 1980s. But what are the most famous places to climb in Arco?

The most famous crags in Arco

What are the best crags near the town of Arco? Everyone has their favourite, for different reasons. Near the historic walls you’ll find the legendary Calvario, forgotten for years and then back in fashion thanks to the opening of some “not quite as difficult” routes. Another crag to put on your agenda is Belvedere, with breathtaking views as its name reveals; in the lower section there are routes for beginners, with sloping slabs, while at the top there are steeper and more difficult routes. Steps away from the center of Arco you’ll also find Massone, known by climbers from all over the world, with 150 routes of all types and levels. In the surroundings, the Regina del Lago, the Massi delle Traole in Nago, the cliff of Spiaggia delle Lucertole are also worth mentioning... we could point out many others, and we will be ready to do so during your stay at Garnì On The Rock!

Rock Master - in Arco, of course!

Climbing enthusiasts already know about it, but beginners may not: Arco is the home of Rock Master, the world sport climbing championship. A unique event of its kind, it has brought together world climbing champions since 1987. And the great thing is that the climbing wall where the tournament takes place is open to all enthusiasts in the summer months! Are you also planning to head to Arco for a climbing holiday? Garnì On The Rock is the place you are looking for: sharing its walls with the city's iconic fortress, our hotel offers you a space for indoor bouldering, on artificial and natural rock.

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